So I’ve chosen Feedly as my replacement for Google Reader

By | October 14, 2014

In the past year, I’ve noticed that the blogs I subscribe to are becoming my new ‘magazine‘. Now, I don’t say that lightly. I have been, in the past, a total magazine junkie. I love the anticipation and performance of sitting down with a lovely glass of wine and of course chocolate (Green and Blacks creamy milk if you must know) and a new shiny, crease free, untouched magazine.

But, over the last year, I have to tell y’all, blogs are winning me over. It’s just like having my own personally edited magazine. The blog articles are all chosen by me, written by people I feel I have a connection with and around topics that I am really interested in.

Now, I still have the big glass of wine and chocolate ritual, but I grab my laptop, sit on the sofa and read through the blogs I follow. If I had to go chasing the blogs I read each time I sat down, that would be a major pain.

So, I keep track of what blogs I am following by using Feedly, because Google Reader is gone. Which means rather than me going to the blogs, the blogs come to me. Simple.

I have a whole pile of different categories – mama bloggers, homeschool (something I am really interested in but have not yet been brave enough to do), pattern and design, food (because I am a big fan), spiritual (because that’s important in my life), friends (because I have some who write great blogs : ) ) and more.

So it’s a treat of an evening, when everyone else is snoring away to nestle down for a good read. With Google Reader gone I chose Feedly, and Feedly I love you! Get it here!

Does anyone else think that their blog reading is taking over from magazines?