So I’ve chosen Feedly as my replacement for Google Reader

In the past year, I’ve noticed that the blogs I subscribe to are becoming my new ‘magazine‘. Now, I don’t say that lightly. I have been, in the past, a total magazine junkie. I love the anticipation and performance of sitting down with a lovely glass of wine and of course chocolate (Green and Blacks creamy milk if you must know) and a new shiny, crease free, untouched magazine.

But, over the last year, I have to tell y’all, blogs are winning me over. It’s just like having my own personally edited magazine. The blog articles are all chosen by me, written by people I feel I have a connection with and around topics that I am really interested in.

Now, I still have the big glass of wine and chocolate ritual, but I grab my laptop, sit on the sofa and read through the blogs I follow. If I had to go chasing the blogs I read each time I sat down, that would be a major pain.

So, I keep track of what blogs I am following by using Feedly, because Google Reader is gone. Which means rather than me going to the blogs, the blogs come to me. Simple.

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Legendary Moleskine notebook review

Moleskine have a respected reputation for their notebooks and it’s this reputation that make them a favorite for travelers wanting to record their thoughts while away. I was lucky enough to be supplied with 3 different types of notebooks from Moleskine to keep a journal of my trip and keep a record of everything such as important numbers, contact info etc. This blog post will look at the notebooks in depth so you can judge for yourself why they have such a good reputation.

As you would expect with a journal you would get the same setup in a lot of them but Moleskine goes that extra step and I’ve found the notebook to be useful in many ways other than recording my thoughts.

The first page is simply in case you lose your notebook. Out of all the things you take traveling with you, the notebook will be of no use to anyone who steals it but it will be one of your prized possessions. A nice feature is the reward part giving anyone who finds it more of an incentive to return it to you. Continue reading

Checking account woes

So I have gone through my checkbook register and a printout of my checking account history from April 1 to May 2. Lo and behold, I forgot to fill in a Kroger transaction from the 24th. *gasp* Not an insignificant amount either: $12.03. But. That’s not the best part. So am I balanced now? Nah. Nope. I’M STILL OFF BY EIGHT CENTS! How does that even compute?

I swear, I had the stupid thing balanced! Now I’m eight cents off! And, specifically, I think Kemba’s system believes I have eight more cents than I actually do! And I have no idea why! I’ve got half a mind to do an eight-cent adjustment in the register and just cope with it. But if I do that then inevitably somebody or other will notice an error and I’ll overdraft by eight cents.

*headdesk* And yes, I know it’s a stupid idea to spend the account that far down. Yes, I’m aware of that. If you have income such that you have a spare couple hundred to leave in there. May I remind you that I am not one of those people? Yes? Good. Meanwhile, the day before my little girl’s dad got paid I wound up taking most of my savings out of my savings account to feed us all.

Why? Well, I had laundry to do and had mentioned it to him and since he was loaning me his car for the afternoon for my daughter’s speech therapy, he suggested I come over to his place afterward and start the laundry early. This was good advice because far too often I have started laundry too late and kept my daughter up way past her bedtime, much to our collective sorrow.

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