Legendary Moleskine notebook review

By | September 21, 2014

Moleskine have a respected reputation for their notebooks and it’s this reputation that make them a favorite for travelers wanting to record their thoughts while away. I was lucky enough to be supplied with 3 different types of notebooks from Moleskine to keep a journal of my trip and keep a record of everything such as important numbers, contact info etc. This blog post will look at the notebooks in depth so you can judge for yourself why they have such a good reputation.

As you would expect with a journal you would get the same setup in a lot of them but Moleskine goes that extra step and I’ve found the notebook to be useful in many ways other than recording my thoughts.

The first page is simply in case you lose your notebook. Out of all the things you take traveling with you, the notebook will be of no use to anyone who steals it but it will be one of your prized possessions. A nice feature is the reward part giving anyone who finds it more of an incentive to return it to you.

The notebook continues with more important information such as your family doctor info, your visa information, health insurance, travel insurance, emergency contact info etc.

This is following by an outline of your itinerary for your trip allowing your to make notes complete with dates etc.

The best part of the notebook for me is this section, a list of international holidays for the year for 44 countries. This could be a time saver when applying your visas or planning your trip. Take note of the times of holidays in countries you are in.

Another handy feature is the map of the world with times zones. Perfect for checking what time it is when calling home.
Moleskine notebook review

More useful information is a part of the notebook before the actual journal starts. This is a distance section showing the distance from city to city, handy if you want to check how far you have left or travel time which you can plan accordingly too.

Next up is dialing codes, internet and plate codes of countries. Useful again if trying to ring embassies in the next country on your trip, or family and friends trying to ring you.

Moleskine notebook review
What follows next is the standard measurement conversation chart followed by the actual start of the journal. Each day of the week is on the left of the page and the right is blank for extra notes.

The final part of the notebook is a handy address feature. You can keep your friends & family important contact info there and also useful for adding future contacts from sits like Couchsurfing.

Moleskine journal review
The notebooks are well built and will last for quite a long time. I look forward to using them on my journey to record my trip. I’ll be using them as a personal journey and I’ll be using the other plain notebooks to plan future blog posts and my free-books.