Lessons Learned

By | February 18, 2016

As promised, I decided to do what would normal terrify me, I took a break. After taking some time off from work, apartment issues, and other New York City stress this is what I have learned:

1) It is important to make time for self-care. Life is tough, and sometimes getting lost in the mess equates to deprivation. We deprive ourselves of fun, luxury and joy. Simple things like getting a haircut add happiness and pleasure back into our crazy lives.

2) Help others, I now volunteer at a NY GED Center 2 weekends a month, I just return the calls and chat with people about their life and help them deal with their GED practice tests and general preparation for a career change.  I have enormous satisfaction from doing it, and I am convinced it is a powerful way to boost our own happiness and help other in the same time

3) Breathe! Yes, it seems obvious, but how many times do we say to ourselves, “oh my gosh, did I really just do that”. A moment to breathe, rethink the situations, and look at the facts rather than the feelings, prevents frustrating moments. We have all the tools inside of us to handle situations, it just takes a second to figure out which tool is best. So please please please, put the sledge hammer down when trying to mend relationship issues, and pause for a moment instead.

4) Install a mandatory ‘gut check’! Our instincts never lead us in the wrong direction. Our minds do. Our brain is the like the lawyer of our bodies, it is able to make the most convincing case out of anything. And usually it is trying to deceive us to think that we are unable to go for what we really want. Which is why a ‘gut check’ is mandatory. Our gut feeling or reaction is the most accurate. Maybe not the most logical, but the most honest to what we need. To determine between the two, here is a helpful hint. Your mind or brain is usually loud and abrasive, while your gut instincts are quieter and calm.

5) Observe. Sometimes the best way to get answers is by making observations. For instance, I feel better when I am outdoors, in the sun, and around palm trees. I get stressed out by loud noises, constant appointments, and consistent phone calls. Interesting enough I thought I would always live in New York, but through observation maybe a place by the beach fits me better.

6) Spend time with the people you value. We all have a precious amount of time and instead of feeling obligated to see everyone that contacts us, decided to spend it with the people that matter. The results? You have more fun, more laughter, less drama, and the feeling of fulfillment.