Lessons Learned

As promised, I decided to do what would normal terrify me, I took a break. After taking some time off from work, apartment issues, and other New York City stress this is what I have learned:

1) It is important to make time for self-care. Life is tough, and sometimes getting lost in the mess equates to deprivation. We deprive ourselves of fun, luxury and joy. Simple things like getting a haircut adds happiness and pleasure back into our crazy lives.

2) Help others, I now volunteer at a NY GED Center 2 weekends a month, I just return the calls and chat with people about their life and help them deal with their GED practice tests.  I have enormous satisfaction from doing it, and I am convinced it is a powerful way to boost our own happiness and help other in the same time

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Make Money, don’t Let It Make You!

money_wheelbarrow21-300x270Money seems to make the world go round.  Everyone must have money to survive in today’s society.  Things can get crazy if you can’t put sustenance in your belly.  You start thinking crazy and something that might of sounded foolish before doesn’t sound too wild anymore.  I know first hand what it feels like not having a buck to your name.  It’s not a feeling I would wish on another person.  I believe making money all depends on your motivation for doing whatever it takes.  There are too many ways to make money in the world.  Making money illegally should never be a possibility, because it will only lead to one thing.  That is somewhere no one wants to be.  Make money, but don’t let it make you.

Getting To the Chase In order to make any money you have to start somewhere.  You can’t win a race, or even be in the race, if you don’t start somewhere.  Don’t let laziness be your reason for not chasing your cheese.  Everyone is sluggish in some way, shape, or form.  I must admit in many aspects of my life I am an extremely lazy person.  When it comes to chasing my paper, I’m going to run after it till I can’t run anymore.  I have convinced my mind when it comes to money, there is no such thing as laziness.  When extra money is in the picture I’m all eyes and ears.

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Peeve Is A Strange Little Word

It’s now almost 2016, so I’m thinking about a good way to kick things off with a rant about being peeved – does that even sound right?? I’ll start, you finish.

People not texting me back, or pretending they didn’t get my message especially when I specifically asked them a question and therefore require an answer. Now fair enough, picking up the phone and engaging in actual conversation might be a good solution here but then that irritates me because I shouldn’t have to. I know how annoying it is when someone rings and says, “Did you get my text?” so I won’t do it to someone else – and I don’t want them to think I’m hanging on to their every word. And I rarely get those phone calls, and do you know why? I reply to text messages. And don’t even try, “I didn’t get your message” because you did – it was delivered, you lie.

One word answers. ONE WORD ANSWERS. Now if it’s a question that simply requires a yes/no answer then fine, give me that. If I’m speaking to you, expecting you to listen, don’t insult me by going, “Mmm” – engage with me, humour me if you have to, but saying, “Mmm” won’t sit well with me. In fact, I’ll go all 5 years old on your backside, and do it right back at you and possibly even play mind games and repeat whatever you say because that is how annoying you are.

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I’ve been tremendously emotionally tender

1131906241Although I’ve no definitive idea how, or with what to explain it, I’ve been tremendously emotionally tender these last few weeks. I’m still not regularly employed in the direction of any sort of vocation, though I do spend a fair amount of my time working. I’m surrounded by very helpful minds and characters, but nonetheless, there’s this persistent heel-nipping from time to time. Whether it’s CAREER, ARTISTIC COHERENCE, or [GASP] the anything else, I’m not sure. But it has painted much of May in a strangely visceral shade of mind.

Sarah and I trudged down the street one morning last week to watch the old movie March of the Penguins, a particularly melodramatic documentary on the migration of Emperor penguins from the coastal edges of Antarctica to their breeding ground nearer the continent’s centre. On at least three occasions throughout the film’s running length, I had to stop myself from bursting into slobbering hysterics. The lips were trembling, the pit in the throat was on red alert. Continue reading “I’ve been tremendously emotionally tender”

Raising Kids in the Suburbs. Is it good?

I’ve been thinking, whilst spending a great deal of time in the Marketparts  [since the weather has taken what seems to be a prolonged turn for the Good-Better-Best] about how I’ve been generally conditioned for social settings, social interactions, by my upbringing the Suburbs.

To me, the Suburbs represent a growing trend not just in terms of physical expansion, but of a strangely hyper-civilized [and “Western”, though I promise to stick away from that capitalization from here-on-in] yet animalistic Mode Of Rearing. They seem to me to exist as Reefs, where parents retreat in their mid-twenties to raise children, and go through a secondary coming-of-age process following their adolescence. Interestingly, this mass retreat [and I’m referring here to the first or second generations of real retreaters into the Suburbs] has a secondary effect which I perceive to be quite detrimental.

My mother is more-than-a-little paranoid, in general character, and I think she’s not alone in this sense. As more and more parents head out to the protection of the Reef, for raising and rearing their children, we run into an interesting environment of reclusive overpopulation. Children raised in the city are constantly immersed in an environment of very vibrant society, an environment of Intensified Culture. Children raised in a true rural environment encounter something of an inversion of this – a social context with surprisingly few people, but [and here comes the stereotyping] more intense and reciprocally intimate relationships of function. Continue reading “Raising Kids in the Suburbs. Is it good?”

How to Create a Lasting Impression

Your appearance and overall presentation is what drives people’s first impression of you. But it’s your performance that creates the lasting impression. This is important because the lasting impression that you leave could be your conduit to new opportunities.

Last Thursday I concluded my service with my biggest client that I’ve been working with for the past two years. This past Monday I started a new assignment with a new client.

Do you know this quote:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

So, on the day I left my previous job, I received a number of emails from my peers congratulating me for my new opportunity….Most of my peers appreciated my contributions to the team. I’m 99% positive that I will cross paths with many of them in the future by way of opportunity referrals.

lasting-impression-educationI left a lasting impression. And it wasn’t by accident…it was by design.

It’s Really Not that Hard

I learned early that a good portion of people work really hard at figuring out the minimum amount of work that they can do to get by. There’s a high interest in flying under the radar. Some folks are fine with being average and blending within mediocrity. They don’t care about progression…they just want to keep what they have; nothing more, nothing less. And to top it off, negative-talk normally floods the office. Continue reading “How to Create a Lasting Impression”

So I’ve chosen Feedly as my replacement for Google Reader

In the past year I’ve noticed that the blogs I subscribe to are becoming my new ‘magazine‘. Now, I don’t say that lightly. I have been, in the past, a total magazine junkie. I love the anticipation and performance of sitting down with a lovely glass of wine and of course chocolate (Green and Blacks creamy milk if you must know) and a new shiny, crease free, untouched magazine. But, over the last year, I have to tell y’all, blogs are winning me over. It’s just like having my own personally edited magazine. The blog articles are all chosen by me, written by people I feel I have a connection with and around topics that I am really interested in.

Now, I still have the big glass of wine and chocolate ritual, but I grab my laptop, sit on the sofa and read through the blogs I follow. If I had to go chasing the blogs I read each time I sat down, that would be a major pain. So, I keep track of what blogs I am following by using Feedly, because Google Reader is gone. Which means rather than me going to the blogs, the blogs come to me. Simple. I have a whole pile of different categories – mama bloggers, homeschool (something I am really interested in but have not yet been brave enough to do), pattern and design, food (because I am a big fan), spiritual (because that’s important in my life), friends (because I have some who write great blogs : ) ) and more.

So it’s a treat of an evening, when everyone else is snoring away to nestle down for a good read. With Google Reader gone I chose Feedly, and Feedly I love you! Get it here!

Does anyone else think that their blog reading is taking over from magazines?


Why Your Health Is The Same Like Being Wealthy!

Caught with a chill and a terrible bout of flu, for the first time in my life, I could not even drag myself out of bed.

I was attending the Certification Program, and had caught the flu bug on Saturday, the last second day of the program. However, I did manage to get out of bed on Sunday just-in-time to receive my certificate but my battery was flat for the next 2 days. :-)

What is life without health those last few days?

I could only sum up in these words: Terrible. Uncomfortable. Flat. 2-dimensional. Dull like looking at a black and white TV. Tasteless meals…

I would give up almost anything to have my health back those last few days.

I must admit that I’ve always taken good health for granted – I keep late nights. I eat snacks before I sleep. I take oily foods etc etc.

But life is more precious than that. To achieve greatness and abundance, we need good health as the cornerstone so that we can live our dreams. For without health, what can a man accomplish? Continue reading “Why Your Health Is The Same Like Being Wealthy!”

Legendary Moleskine notebook review

moleskine3Moleskine have a respected reputation for their notebooks and it’s this reputation that make them a favourite for travellers wanting to record their thoughts while away. I was lucky enough to be supplied with 3 different types of notebooks from Moleskine to keep a journal of my trip and keep a record of everything such as important numbers, contact info etc. This blog post will look at the notebooks in depth so you can judge for yourself why they have such a good reputation.

As you would expect with a journal you would get the same setup in a lot of them but Moleskine goes that extra step and I’ve found the notebook to be useful in many ways other than recording my thoughts.

The first page is simply incase you lose your notebook. Out of all the things you take travelling with you the notebook will be of no use to anyone who steals it but it will be one of your prized possessions. A nice feature is the reward part giving anyone who finds it more of an incentive to return it to you. Continue reading “Legendary Moleskine notebook review”