The life of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs was full of pivotal moments and it can be inspiration for other people, take  a look. 1411148094-steve-jobs-pivotal-life-moments-infographic



Your appearance and overall presentation is what drives people’s first impression of you. But it’s your performance that creates the lasting impression. This is important because the lasting impression that you leave could be your conduit to new opportunities.

Last Thursday I concluded my service with my biggest client that I’ve been working with for the past two years. This past Monday I started a new assignment with a new client. I will be helping students to prepare for the GED exam online and I am so excited. I always wanted to give back and now with my new job as a GED prep coordinator I will be able because I am a GED diploma holder too.

Do you know this quote:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

So, on the day I left my previous job, I received a number of emails from my peers congratulating me for my new opportunity….Most of my peers appreciated my contributions to the team. I’m 99% positive that I will cross paths with many of them in the future by way of opportunity referrals.

lasting-impression-educationI left a lasting impression. And it wasn’t by accident…it was by design.

It’s Really Not that Hard

I learned early that a good portion of people work really hard at figuring out the minimum amount of work that they can do to get by. There’s a high interest in flying under the radar. Some folks are fine with being average and blending within mediocrity. They don’t care about progression…they just want to keep what they have; nothing more, nothing less. And to top it off, negative-talk normally floods the office. Read the rest of this entry »

In the past year I’ve noticed that the blogs I subscribe to are becoming my new ‘magazine‘. Now, I don’t say that lightly. I have been, in the past, a total magazine junkie. I love the anticipation and performance of sitting down with a lovely glass of wine and of course chocolate (Green and Blacks creamy milk if you must know) and a new shiny, crease free, untouched magazine. But, over the last year, I have to tell y’all, blogs are winning me over. It’s just like having my own personally edited magazine. The blog articles are all chosen by me, written by people I feel I have a connection with and around topics that I am really interested in.

Now, I still have the big glass of wine and chocolate ritual, but I grab my laptop, sit on the sofa and read through the blogs I follow. If I had to go chasing the blogs I read each time I sat down, that would be a major pain. So, I keep track of what blogs I am following by using Feedly, because Google Reader is gone. Which means rather than me going to the blogs, the blogs come to me. Simple. I have a whole pile of different categories – mama bloggers, homeschool (something I am really interested in but have not yet been brave enough to do), pattern and design, food (because I am a big fan), spiritual (because that’s important in my life), friends (because I have some who write great blogs : ) ) and more.

So it’s a treat of an evening, when everyone else is snoring away to nestle down for a good read. With Google Reader gone I chose Feedly, and Feedly I love you! Get it here!

Does anyone else think that their blog reading is taking over from magazines?


Caught with a chill and a terrible bout of flu, for the first time in my life, I could not even drag myself out of bed.

I was attending the Certification Program, and had caught the flu bug on Saturday, the last second day of the program. However, I did manage to get out of bed on Sunday just-in-time to receive my certificate but my battery was flat for the next 2 days. :-)

What is life without health those last few days?

I could only sum up in these words: Terrible. Uncomfortable. Flat. 2-dimensional. Dull like looking at a black and white TV. Tasteless meals…

I would give up almost anything to have my health back those last few days.

I must admit that I’ve always taken good health for granted – I keep late nights. I eat snacks before I sleep. I take oily foods etc etc.

But life is more precious than that. To achieve greatness and abundance, we need good health as the cornerstone so that we can live our dreams. For without health, what can a man accomplish? Read the rest of this entry »

Moleskine have a respected reputation for their notebooks and it’s this reputation that make them a favourite for travellers wanting to record their thoughts while away. I was lucky enough to be supplied with 3 different types of notebooks from Moleskine to keep a journal of my trip and keep a record of everything such as important numbers, contact info etc. This blog post will look at the notebooks in depth so you can judge for yourself why they have such a good reputation.

As you would expect with a journal you would get the same setup in a lot of them but Moleskine goes that extra step and I’ve found the notebook to be useful in many ways other than recording my thoughts.

The first page is simply incase you lose your notebook. Out of all the things you take travelling with you the notebook will be of no use to anyone who steals it but it will be one of your prized possessions. A nice feature is the reward part giving anyone who finds it more of an incentive to return it to you.

The notebook continues with more important information such as your family doctor info, your visa information, health insurance, travel insurance, emergency contact info etc.

This is following by an outline of your itinerary for your trip allowing your to make notes complete with dates etc.

The best part of the notebook for me is this section, a list of international holidays for the year for 44 countries. This could be a time saver when applying your visas or planning your trip. Take note of the times of holidays in countries you are in.

Another handy feature is the map of the world with times zones. Perfect for checking what time it is when calling home.
Moleskine notebook review
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So I have gone through my checkbook register and a printout of my checking account history from April 1 to May 2. Lo and behold, I forgot to fill in a Kroger transaction from the 24th. *gasp* Not an insignificant amount either: $12.03. But. That’s not the best part. So am I balanced now? Nah. Nope. I’M STILL OFF BY EIGHT CENTS! How does that even compute? I swear, I had the stupid thing balanced! Now I’m eight cents off! And, specifically, I think Kemba’s system believes I have eight more cents than I actually do! And I have no idea why! I’ve got half a mind to do an eight-cent adjustment in the register and just cope with it. But if I do that then inevitably somebody or other will notice an error and I’ll overdraft by eight cents.

*headdesk* And yes, I know it’s a stupid idea to spend the account that far down. Yes, I’m aware of that. If you have income such that you have a spare couple hundred to leave in there. May I remind you that I am not one of those people? Yes? Good. Meanwhile, the day before my little girl’s dad got paid I wound up taking most of my savings out of my savings account to feed us all. Why? Well, I had laundry to do and had mentioned it to him and since he was loaning me his car for the afternoon for my daughter’s speech therapy, he suggested I come over to his place afterward and start the laundry early. This was good advice, because far too often I have started laundry too late and kept my daughter up way past her bedtime, much to our collective sorrow.

There were just a few problems:

  1.  He needs to pass the GED otherwise he will loose a job, so now he takes the GED classes in Houston because it’s for free.
  2. His ex-girlfriend, who thinks for some strange reason she’s still his girlfriend even though she dumped him and they never discussed reconciliation, and who sits around on her butt at home because she has fibromyalgia which won’t let her stand to do dishes but will let her walk to get her meds and go to her doctors’ appointments, had not done a decent load of dishes in days.
  3. As a result there was virtually nothing upon or in which to cook, although he had planned to fix dinner for us all.
  4. Their hot water heater is developing a leak.
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I was reading a certain blog for other reasons and ran across their entry about whether married couples should combine finances. This is definitely an emotional issue and as a result, people become very opinionated about it. Predictably, I’m sure, I have my own opinions, and I thought I’d do better writing about them here than letting them get lost in someone else’s comments.

I am divorced, so obviously I have been married before. My experience then was that we combined our finances. We had a joint account, and when either of us got paid it went into that account. Now, after my son was born (I think; I don’t remember for sure), I began arranging for a percentage of my income to go to a savings account I had back home that had been open since I had started high school in 1989. I got married in ‘95 and I think I started doing the savings thing in ‘96 or ‘97, so do the math. But I thought it would be stupid not to put any money away for a rainy day. No specific reason why,I just vaguely felt it was something I should do.

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My lease here in Columbus is almost up. I was going to find another apartment anyway, because with the poor maintenance on this one (when I called them about problems, they did the least work possible to fix them, resulting in unsolved problems) and with neighborhood problems becoming worse, this place has become well-nigh uninhabitable. But my grandmother got sick with pneumonia and has congestive heart failure on top of that and my mother, pretty much her sole caretaker aside from whatever visiting healthcare they get, is becoming overwhelmed. And I was more or less cheated out of a real relationship with my mom as a child, and my daughter needs to be around more people than just me and her father, so we’re moving down there again. How long we’ll be in Louisiana is anyone’s guess but as my little girl’s dad wants to relocate down there to be near us, that gives us one less reason to come back here. I hate to say it, because I love Columbus, but there it is.

In other news, for the first time in almost ten years I’m getting a side of the story with a certain group of people I know that I never got before: an outsider’s perspective. Very interesting. I’ve heard enough to convince me that I don’t care about one of my personal debts which was incurred with that group of people. I cannot put a price tag on how much they’ve hurt me and I could drive them into bankruptcy and still it wouldn’t be enough. So I am merely going to dismiss what I perceived as $3000 worth of debt and leave it at that, it makes me angry so much. Read the rest of this entry »

I have a really bad habit of hanging on to things long after I should have let them go. Not by anyone else’s standards, but from my own point of view, since I would know better than anyone else when it is time for me personally to let go of something. Anyway, I did a dumb thing the other night: I went looking somewhere I had not looked in over a year to see if the dust really had settled. I should have stayed away.

On the other hand, I got another pretty clear message from the universe, or God, or who/whatever, that I was right about that person to begin with and that I should probably stop worrying about it and feeling guilty about my part in things. My philosophy is that a lot of so-called sins are easy to fall into through lack of boundary-setting, and so one’s participation in them is sometimes passive. For instance, an opportunity to commit adultery might more or less fall into one’s lap.  But thieving is always an active sin, as in the thief must make an active choice to steal and then seek out the coveted item(s). As such I hold thieving to be a more serious sin than most others a person could commit. (I’m not letting passive sinners off the hook, just paying them a little slack because people don’t always actively seek out wrongdoing, and setting boundaries and defending them is not the easiest thing for some people to do.)

As you might have guessed, I found out that a person with whom I share a long history of drama and heartache is a thief, we met long time ago during the GED classes in Brooklyn, we were pretty close.  On top of everything else–by her own admission, and in a tone which said that she didn’t consider stealing from me to be wrong. And I had a lot of doubts about my part in things with her, and I still think I was a jerk and behaved immaturely in some instances. But considering that her household was always a lot messier than mine and I never once got the impulse to steal anything from her, I think it is telling that she bragged about taking something out of my apartment and that she used the fact that my apartment was a mess to excuse her behavior. And it wasn’t something minor, like a bookmark or a nickel. It was an inkjet printer.

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Budgeting can be a frustrating task sometimes.  Whether you’re an internet entrepreneur who works from home or a digital nomad traveling the world, budgeting your money is high priority.  With a good budgeting system, you decide in advance how to spend and save your money.

Enter technology and the interwebs.

With many options online, it’s really easy to find great (free) tools to help you manage your money.

Here are 3 quick guides of  the best money management tools I’ve come across:


The main use of using budget planning software is to bring all account balances to one place and manage them from a common point.  Using’s online software to budget and keep track of your net worth and where your money is going is a great alternative to pen and paper.

Based on the accounts a consumer shares with Mint (such as credit cards and checking accounts), the website categorizes spending and recommends a budget. had no problem connecting to my bank and does a far better job automatically categorizing transactions.  It is very intuitive (fitting since Intuit does own Mint.)  Read the rest of this entry »